Saturday, July 26, 2008

Arts West Gallery

From August 24, 2008 through September 21st, I will be involved in a juried exhibition, "5x5" at the Arts West Gallery along with 4 other artists, 4711 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116.

Artist Reception will be on Thursday, September 11th, 6 - 7:30 PM wine and cheese will be served.

For more information and purchasing, contact can be made by phone or email: P(206) 349-3348

Gelatin silver lith photographs, printed traditionally in the darkroom. Original photographs (16x20 prints mounted in 21x26 frames)can be purchased with or without frames.


Anonymous said...

As wonderfully expressive as your work is there is no discussion of it on this blog. From a number of other blogs I have seen so far it seams to be a tradition to avoid any meaningful discussion on the content and merit. Do you have any suggestions to why that is the case?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice comment regarding my work. Although I am open to meaningful discussion on this blog, on the other hand, I prefer to have my work speak for itself. I am by no means a gifted writer. I typically express myself visually.

Courtney Hacker said...

That being said above, I guess I'll just cut to the technical chase.
What is this process? Litho? I'm really interested in the aesthetic. This image is comparable to some work I adore by The Parkeharrisons....and I'm really interested in experimenting with the process. I'm an undergraduate photo student in art school, so now is the time to test the waters!
You seem articulate in your above response, you should give us some of your original intent in concept for this image.

Thomas Krueger Photography said...


I'm flattered and appreciate the comment you made, comparing my work with the Parkeharrisons. I feel that my work doesn't measure up to theirs. On the other hand, I do adore and love their work as well.

Lith processing is not what most people assume. It has nothing to do with high contrast papers and film. You use standard gelatin silver fiber paper that is suitable with the lith developer. The lith developer is temperamental because you have to maintain a constant temperature. This developer yields limited numbers of prints due to its high exhaust rate. You only have a few tries to get it right. The printing time can range anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes per print in the developer alone. The other chemicals remain the same. You need tons of patience when doing this type of alternative process. It's very rewarding on the other hand when things work out.

With my photography, I want to raise awareness of analog photography potentially becoming a lost art in this world of digital technology. It is my duty to explore and share beauty in a world so often in despair. There is still hope for mankind.